Three of The Thirteen

The Weavers were a race of the greatest scientists of their time and invented the Runic Alphabet of Magic. They have long since vanished.

Appearance and Physiology

The Woven people were very similar to their Elven cousins in their body structure and size. Most Weavers grew to about five foot tall, with only a few ever reaching six foot.

The Weavers had golden-brown skin, in response to the land, Vash Prime, that they claimed to be their home. Most had brown, black, or dirty-blonde hair.

Being relatives of the Elves, the Weavers had pointed ears. The Weavers were very known for their unique clothing; rather than wearing simple rags and silks, each Weaver had one single pair of a mechanical armor, which aided in physical tasks by enhancing muscle contractions by mechanical means. The more expensive armors, only worn by the highest class members of society, also contained Lunite Crystals which powered the armor and allowed for greater power and even other processes, such as blades.


Weavers had a long lifespan compared to other races. The average Weaver lived for around seventy to one hundred years, while richer members of society could afford to extend their lives by undergoing a very expensive surgery that connected the Weaver's personal armor to his or her skeletal and nerve systems. This allowed the armor to aid in body processes by using energy stored in the Lunite Crystals.

A Weaver was considered a child until he or she completed his primary education, regardless of age. This was usually completed by the time a Weaver was sixteen to twenty years of age. Their education was very extensive, covering every field of study known at the time. Each Weaver knew advanced mechanics, agriculture, mathematics, chemistry, and even the art of combat by the time they completed their education.

Older members of society were forced to retire when they became too weak to work unless they were wealthy enough to continue working. For these people, helping their race continue to expand was crucial.



One third of males in the Woven society were tagged at birth to receive extra military training after primary education. Three years of military education was assigned and all soldiers were given a role based upon their specialties. Some were given the position of lancemen, leading the charge upon fearsome war beasts, while others were tasked with operating Woven Battle Titans, semi-automatic siege units used to destroy all opposition.

The Woven military hardly saw use, however, when it did, it was very serious and under dire conditions.


The Woven people are believed to have lived in Vash prime for as long as the world remembered. It is unknown if they were nomadic or settled before the year of 150, when the first records of Weavers living in Darkscape were written in its Libary and Record Hall. After this point, it can be assumed that the Weavers all lived within Darkscape.

At this point in history, the Weavers began to construct and raise more cities, all bearing extreme similarity to Darkscape.


A Runic

The Weaver people continued to live in Vash Prime, without much government, until 256, when the Silver Nation, or Illido Nami, was created. The Silver Nation, founded by the mysterious Aetherian Prince, was a constitutional monarchy, wherein the lord of its nation shared power with a council of thirteen. These thirteen council members, amply named The Thirteen, were members of society elected every fifty years, or in the case of a death of one of The Thirteen, within a moon cycle of the incident. Members were elected based on intellect, however, the Aetherian Prince approved every single member.

The Weavers reached their golden age at the beginning of the second era. At this point, the Weavers were capable of advanced automation and are known as the "Runic Fathers", as in the year of 1046, the Runic Alphabet was established by the Weavers and was used to create the first generation of Runics.

At this point in time, the Weavers had such an understanding of magic that it is believed they could express magic with only thought. Myth or not, at their peak, they were the most magically advanced race in Atharia.

In the same year of 1046, the entire Woven race completely vanished from Atharia, leaving behind very little traces. It is believed by experts that the Weavers managed to open up a Riftgate and fled to another realm for unknown reasons. The cities left behind by the Weavers were soon pillaged and reinhabited countless times.

In the year of 3192, the Athariath Order, who controlled Darkscape at the time, opened the Abyssal Riftgate in search of the Weavers. It is unknown what they found.

Culture & Language

The Woven culture was heavily focused on work. There was extremely little celebration involved in the Woven culture, as there was never time to celebrate. Even the leader, the Atharian Prince, was almost always focused on his own personal studies or plans.

The Weavers spoke the Woven Language, a language very similar to the modern Elven Tongue.