Thaumaturgy is a form of Magic based upon the idea that science and magic connect everything in the Aether and the understanding of how these connections work can be manipulated to the will of the user.


Thaumaturgy was discovered in the year 1995 by a Raxian known as Tre Folgn. She found it when a piece of Shardmetal was accidentally drained of its Magic by proximity to laquix. The laquix removed the magical properties of the Shardmetal and transferred it into a regular iron sword, the first example of artificial infusion. Her proximity to the waste product, intense heat, caused her death shortly afterwards.


  • Cauldron - For storage of liquid magic, made of liquified laquix or another such magical material.
  • Infuser - A device placed around the target to target the infusion process clearly.
  • Pipes - Made of insulated inertium.
  • Transmuator - A cylindrical device used by the Raxian Empire used to transmutate Raxians.


Nowadays, Thaumaturgy is more understood than in Tre Folgn's era. By using valves and pipes and measuring equipment, it is the link between science and magic. It is commonly used by Raxians to change and modify their forms for different purposes. It is vital that the user understands what the object is and how it functions, otherwise transmutation, or even infusion, rarely succeeds or creates the desired effect.


Infusion is the use of Thaumaturgy to store magic in a substance. E.g: infusing magic in a sword to set it eternally alight, or infusing around a quarry to make the stone lighter and easier to lift for construction purposes.


Transmutation is the use of Thaumaturgy to change a substance's properties. E.g: volume, mass, etc. Transmutation is significantly harder than infusion for several reasons.

  • Infusion only has heat as a waste product; transmutation makes heat and slag.
  • Infusion only requires knowledge of what you are adding to the object; transmutation requires all of the information on the current object and the new one.