The Sword of Ages - Artist's impression.

The Sword of Ages is a mythical weapon forged at the dawn of time and wielded by Wharalt according to The Dogma. It was later reforged from Shardmetal fragments and given to Jurgen Polifor.


The Sword of Ages was originally wielded by Wharalt, the great legendary hero who famously slew the Patriarch Dragon known as Nersu in battle, as well as outwit the cunning tactician Olopheus. Wharalt was said to have been given the sword as a gift from Lyeh, the deity of smithing, war and honor.

The sword was held by Wharalt for most of his documented battles. It was lost at the Battle of Mount Kelish where Wharalt slew Nersu. It was said it fell into the volcano where it was sundered into thousands and thousands of tiny pieces of metal, engraved with symbols and characters in Ancient Raxianese.


In the year 3096 the Raxian Empire confiscated all Shardmetal they could find. 99 years later, their efforts bore fruit. Using cutting edge thaumaturgy and a lot of luck, thaumaturgists were able to safely using the fragments together based on the characters inscribed. Eventually, every last piece of shardmetal was used up and they beheld a sword, shattered for millenia. As soon as it was complete, it was given to Jurgen Polifor, the only one deemed a worthy successor to Wharalt. He proceeded to use it to defeat his foes in a decisive charge at the Battle of Y'Toga.