A Shardmetal fragment recovered from underground

Shardmetal fragments are thousands of pieces of metal found around Raxus and its islands. As of 3095, all fragments are to be confiscated by the Raxian Empire.


Shardmetal fragments are small, jagged pieces of an unbreakable metal infused with great amounts of Magic. They seen to slot in together, but nobody outside of the higher positions of the Empire knows what they form. They are covered with unidentified Runes, so they may be Woven in origin but the question remains as to why they are only found around Raxus.


Shardmetal is highly magical. This makes it extremely heavy for such a small piece of metal. It is also unbreakable, so it has one of the highest densities known to Atharia.

The Sword of Ages

Main Article: Sword of Ages

The Sword of Ages is a mythical, prophesied sword. It was said it could only be wielded by one who had proven themselves to be a worthy successor of Wharalt. The sword was roughly two metres from accounts in The Dogma:4:5;

"There Heralt led his armies unto battle. In his hand was a sword, glittering and sparkling even at night. It was gleaming and 6 cubits long from the hilt. Only Heralt had the audacity, the worthiness, to wield the blade, no other could."

In 3195, the Sword of Ages was reforged from Shardmetal fragments