The Raxian Empire is an empire that controls the continent of Raxus as well as the neighbouring territories.


The Raxian Empire was founded in the year 507 in the city of Erdaschor, the capital of the Raxian Empire. They set about conquering the neighbouring towns and villages to begin recruiting form them to grow their army. At some stage their legions moved on to sieging opposing cities that also wished to expand their influence across Raxus. Eventually through trade, deception and military might, the armies of Erdaschor came out on top and continue to slowly expand their power to the present day.


The Empire accepts everyone born within it as a citizen, but as it is in the swampland of Raxus, Raxians and Semiraxians are its primary inhabitants and make up the majority of its population. However not all are Raxus natives. In the Raxian Empire, no species is discriminated against and all are welcome to join.