The Origin Riftgate is a mysterious work of architecture, known as a Riftgate, believed to be the original birthplace of all living things by most. It is located in a secluded, empty square of Darkscape.


The Origin Riftgate is thought to be the oldest structure in the entire realm, outdating all races. In fact, it is believed by most that the Creator first entered the then empty realm of Atharia through this Riftgate, bringing the original ancestors of all modern races.


The Origin Riftgate is a large arch constructed of a unique red sandstone-like material. It is entirely resistant to weathering, however, it is unknown how much force is required to destroy the material. Some sacreligious cults, such as the Cult of Shi, have attempted to destroy the Riftgate. The reasoning behind this isn't entirely known, but it is assumed that the Origin Riftgate's association with the Eroist faith is the motivation behind the attacks.


The Origin Riftgate has theoretically been around since the origin of the realm. Its creation by whatever unknown force or deity is most commonly used as a starting point of history, such as in the famous The Historian's Guide to the Realms.

In the year of 1850, the Origin Riftgate was assualted by members of the Cult of Shi in the name of Shi Kotari. They were, however, captured by the Vae Alliance, trialed by the High Court of Vae, and publicly executed in the year of 1854. This caused the horriffic event of the awakening of Shi Kotari.

In the year of 3185, the Athariath Order began intensive study on the magical presence of the Origin Riftgate and of Riftgates in general, with the ultimate plan of opening one of their own, or rather, reopening the one to the realm of the Weavers. In the year of 3192, the Athariath Order successfully opened the Abyssal Riftgate, which was based on the Origin Riftgate. It was quickly resealed, but in the process, Chaos Annihilants from the Abyssal Realm entered Atharia.