These are rules that must be obeyed on the Atharia Wiki. Otherwise a suitable punishment will be decided by the Admins.

  • Cursing is not allowed anywhere but in fiction. Although it is allowed in fiction, please use cursing sparingly.
  • Keep your creations within Atharia and other approved realms. Do not create new continents on Atharia or new realms without permission, however, smaller bodies of land are allowed.
  • Do not use anything from modern culture. If a comparison is needed, use something from a few hundred years ago.
  • Remember, "Earth" does not exist in this alternate universe! Let your imagination dwell away from Earth and people, places, or events in history.
  • English is referred to as "Common Tongue" here in Atharia. Please use it!
  • Please use good grammar!
  • Don't leave links to malicious or age-restricted material.
  • Please don't troll or spam any pages of the wiki.
  • Remember to sign in before editing!
  • Consult a member of staff before making any big creations or changes, such as making a few new multicontinents all at once.
  • Don't contact a creation of someone else's creation without their permission unless it is minor.
  • Have fun!