This Introduction is about categories. Categories can be a bit confusing and hard to decide on. Here you can find a list of approved categories. Please do not add any other categories.

Please leave suggestions of new categories in the comments.

The Article category should be added to all (non-meta) Articles!


  • Creature - Added to any living thing
  • Elf - Added to any breed (pure or not) of Elf
  • Land Mass - Added to any continent, island, or other mass of land
  • Race - Added to any race
  • Introduction - Added to any introduction pages
  • Fiction - Added to any fiction
  • War - Added to any wars
  • Group - Added to any organization or groups
  • Dragon - Added to any breed of Dragon
  • City - Added to any city, village, or capitol
  • Language - Added to any language
  • Geographic Feature - Added to natural geographic features
  • Artificial Feature - Added to any artificial geographic features
  • Weapon - Added to any form of weaponry
  • Artifact - Added to any artifact or other objects
  • Mineral - Added to minerals such as gems and ores
  • Law - Added to any laws
  • Individual - Added to any individual person or creature
  • Event - Added to any events
  • Realm - Added to any realm
  • Magic - Added to any form of Magic
  • Literature - Added to any literature
  • Machinery - Added to any form of machinery or automaton
  • Country - Added to any country
  • Resource - Added to any non-mineral resource.
  • Plant - Added to any species of plant life
  • To do! - Added to work-in-progress pages. Should be removed promptly after the page is complete. More information can be found here
  • Meta - Anything that is not to be included within the actual universe. For example, the wiki's main page.

The area of origin or location of any article may also be added. For example the Darkscape category may be added to the Weaver article.

If a Continent is part of a continent group, the group may be added. For example the Vash Prime category may be added to the Darkscape article.

The race of any individual may also be added. For example the Weaver category may be added to the Aetherian Prince article.