The sigil of the Enlightened

The Enlightened was an army of religious soldiers formed from the remnants of the Cult of Shi and commandeered by the Lich Shi Kotari. The Enlightened seeked to enslave the world of Atharia with its massive undead armies. The capital of the Enlightened was God's Patron, which has been abandoned since the War of the Fallen.


The Enlightened sought to gain control of Atharia with the belief that the capability of necromancy was a liscence to use it to its full extent.

This objective differs significantly from the original goal of the Cult of Shi's objective, which was to use the forbidden arts of necromancy to increase the understanding of the concept of life and its relation to death in order to achieve a state of spritual perfection. The Cult of Shi was a cult that was rather peaceful, with obvious exceptions and radicals, until the teachings of Sylar Katarus.




The Enlightened was organized in a very specific and meaningful hierarchy. Being farther up the political pyramid meant everything: political power, wealth, and even access to forbidden knowledge held from those below. Ranking was purely based on military power and a man or woman's position applied to his or her entire family.


The Pedona was the largest class of the Enlightened, representing foot soldiers and other laboring men. Pedona roughly translates to "pawn" in Shi Numere.


The Acutare was the second largest class of the Enlightened, consisting more respectible members of the military such as mages and more elite soldiers. Acutare translates to "upper class"


The Silverlare was the class reserved for leading mages, scholars, and other commanding officers. Silverlare was also the lowest class with the authority of knowledge, a privleage that allows one to read any book, which was extremely honored in this culture. Silverlare translates to "holy class".


The Silverling is the highest class one could achieve. For one to be endowed with the title, the very leader of the Enlightened would need to bestow it upon you personally. With the title of Silverling came extreme power and personal lessons from the great lich himself. The organization started with six original Silverlings, but eventually the army housed a total of fourteen.

Silverling translates to "holy dead".

Notable Members