Djinni are mythical creatures that supposedly live deep in the swamps of Raxus and in other realms. They are considered mere fantasy as they hold wish magic. They are worshipped by the Cult of Skaral. They are responsible for the Djinni Incident.


Djinni are creatures that are unlikely to really exist. It is said in A Catalog of Creatures Mythical Vol. V that their first known mention was in 407 in Erdaschor. The few reports from the time say that a Djinn, that was from 7 to 11 feet tall, arrived in Erdaschor. All stories after that contradict each other so it is unknown what occured that day.

Their next reference is over a millenium later in 1628 in a very popular and well regarded book called The Doctrine. According to the religious book, Djinni were malevolent and arrogant because of their magical power. They were said to have ruled an island off the coast of Raxus at one point. In the end, they were banished into a Riftgate and only a handful escaped into the swamps of Raxus with their wishing powers weak, to the point where they could only use them sparing, perhaps once every few millenia.

Djinni were never seen again, despite parties searching for them in the swamps. Legend claims only when the time is right can they be found.