The realm of Atharia

Atharia is the primary realm of the Aether, home to many beautiful landscapes, unique races, and fascinating creatures.


The word "Atharia" is derived from the Woven word for "universe", Ätheia. When the Weavers were originally studying the realm, they first concluded that their home, Atharia, was the only physical plane of existence. Later, the entire universe would be named "Aether", which is also derived from the same word.


Atharia as all realms are, is a large spherical body floating in the Aether. Atharia has an estimated 7,000 mile (11,300 kilometer) equator diameter and a 4,5000 mile (7,240 kilometer) polar diameter according to the revered book, The Second Collection of Silver, Woven, & Ichorian Writings. The density and volume, however, are not known by any scientist nor mage in the realm.


Atharia's surface is around 70% ocean, with only five continents upon its surface. These continents are:

Vash Prime

Vash Prime, the largest continent of Atharia, is an arid plain that covers about 10% of Atharia. Vash Prime is thought to be the original home of life, as the Origin Riftgate, a deactivated rift thought to once have been connected to the realm of the Creator, is found in the city of Darkscape. Vash Prime was once covered in marvelous cities, constructed by the Weavers; however, after they vanished, the wonders they left behind slowly corroded to ruins and are now commonly pillaged by nomadic Sandkin. On the contrary, many of the larger cities of Vash Prime were once Woven cities. Vash Prime is owned by the Vae Alliance, but much of the south is owned by the Athariath Order.

Vash Minor

Vash Minor is a smaller land mass to the east of Vash Prime, its namesake. It was originally a part of a supercontinent, known as Vae Koro, which held Vash Prime, Vash Minor, Eraeya, and the island of Saelo Xi, along with many other small island chains. Vash Minor is a sweltering jungle and is primarily inhabited by several beast races, such as the Araki. Vash Minor is owned by the Vae Alliance.


Eraeya is home of all Elves, from pure elven races such as the Snow Elves, to distant ones like the Human. Eraeya is the most climatically diverse continent, having a small desert coast in the north, a thick eastern jungle, and the entire southern half being covered by snowy peaks. Eraeya is owned by the Athariath Order.


Daren is a rather cold landmass, with much of the northern half being frozen under ice. However, much of the south is covered in rocky peaks that hide cave systems, where Dragons are believed to have originated from. Daren is also home to many Athariath outposts and military bases.


Raxus is a swampy land, home to the Raxians and their kin. The Raxian Empire controls Raxus and its many surrounding islands